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Black Dog


When we arrive at your home, we will go over a few details with you, including signing some paperwork. It is sometimes helpful to consider the following things before we arrive:

Location: Consider choosing a place in your home where both you and your pet are most comfortable. Sometimes this is outside at a special place on your property.


Aftercare: Options for aftercare vary greatly depending on your wishes and include: burial at home, cremation (ashes returned) and cremation (ashes not returned). We offer transportation of the deceased to our partner crematorium.


Other special arrangements: We are happy to work with you to include any special details in order to make your pet's final moments the best they possibly can be.

All pets receive an injection of a sedative that calms them down. Once calm and comfortable, a second injection of euthanasia medication is given, usually in a vein. After this, passing occurs very rapidly, usually within seconds.
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